Important Questions:
Do you have a newborn, a preemie baby, or a baby with health issues
that makes them more susceptible to illness?

Are you uncomfortable with strangers touching your baby
without asking for permission?

Do you have problems with getting people to wash their hands
before touching your baby?

Do you have multiples and find it difficult to protect all your babies
from unwashed hands while out in public?
Important Answer:  Get a Healthy Little Ones Sign!

Healthy Little Ones Signs politely say "Do Not Touch The Baby" in several cute and friendly ways.  They easily attach to your baby's infant car seat carrier handle (or stroller, carrier, diaper bag, etc.) with a special Velcro strap!

We also provide signs for the home that let everyone know hand washing is a MUST before touching the baby so there are no awkward moments when visitors come to see the baby!

Let our signs do the talking for you and your baby!

Don't get caught off-guard by strangers at the store!

Stop admirers
they touch!

Strap a Healthy Little Ones Sign to your baby's carseat carrier handle and keep your baby a Healthy Little One!

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What's the big deal?

In the hospital, we're told to always wash our hands before we touch our babies, and to make sure that everyone who touches them washes first also. But when we get out into public, it's a difficult task to stop people before they touch with unwashed hands. People are drawn to babies and unless you're psychic you don't know who's going to touch until it happens because most people don't ask for permission.

We all try to do what's best for our babies, and I believe parents have a right to decide who touches and when. Believe me, I tried everything to keep people from touching my son, from covering his seat up with several blankets, hovering, giving people the "evil eye", telling people who wandered too closely to not touch and getting some weird looks and responses, but no matter what I did, someone would always find a way to get under that blanket! It wasn't until I made one of these signs and placed it on his car seat carrier that I could actually relax and do my shopping without the fear of someone lifting the blanket and helping themselves. I had so many wonderful comments from people that I decided to make this available to everyone!

What could be the harm?

Don't get me wrong...he's not being brought up in a bubble.  My house is not spotless, I don't go around and "anti-bacterialize" and bleach everything, and he gets exposed to PLENTY of germs that his older siblings bring home from school.  I'm just trying to keep him from being exposed to things his little body
just isn't capable of fighting.

Most people don't think about where their hands have been. They don't realize that shopping carts, door handles, pens, and other objects that are used by the general public are covered with germs and they can unknowingly pick those up and spread them to whatever they touch after that. Studies have shown that people don't wash their hands like they should, and that shopping carts, telephones, computer keyboards and desks are among the most germ infested items around. Some of the things found on shopping carts include blood, urine, feces, Salmonella, e. coli, and infectious diarrhea! Yuck! And cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for 2 to 8 hours! If these germs were to be transmitted to a baby, especially a preemie or a baby with any lung disease or immune deficiency, it could cause serious illness to that child,
life-long health consequences or even death!

What People are Saying

I ordered your "Look Flower" sign awhile ago and it is like some sort of magic shield! Since the day we've put it on her carseat (and now on her stroller!) not one person (that we didn't know) has touched our daughter!  I've gotten so many comments on it (and found that any negative ones are usually the people that want to touch her!), and referred a few other new moms to your site as well!  Thanks so much for saving me the awkwardness of having to shoo away dirty hands every time we go out!  ~ Jess

I have a preemie. What a great way to say "don't touch" without hurting anyone's feelings and making a situation awkward. Thanks.  ~ Stacey G.

Thank you for offering such wonderful, tactful and cute ways to let ppl know your intentions. I think you're providing a wonderful service and I'm going to post your addy on my birth club on babycenter.com (February 2005 babies).  ~ Jessica

We just ordered a sign from Healthy Little Ones for Bentley's car seat! And can not thank you enough for the great work! It has really helped so much! We don't have anymore strangers touching Bentley which is helping him stay healthy:)! It's such a great idea and I really recommended them to any new moms! ~ Myra

I wanted to thank you for this site. My son is not a preemie, he is 19 months old, he has an immune disease and people want to touch him all the time. I have been looking for a sign for his stroller for months and just ran across your website. I ordered 2 of your signs one for each stroller and just safety pinned it to them and they work great.  ~ Gina T.

As a parent of a preemie, I have to tell you how fabulous I think you guys are! My little one is 6 months old now, but she was born at 27 weeks weighing 1 pound 2 ounces. We were nervous wrecks when she came home, and whenever we had to take her out, we were even more nervous! Why does everyone just have to touch the baby? You feel so awkward and uncomfortable telling people not to! I found an ad for your website in Preemie Magazine, and I sent a link to the site to all of my Preemie Parent friends, and I am posting it on my on line Preemie support group! I just wanted to thank you for this great service!  ~ Staci and Lena W.

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