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What People Are Saying!


This Birthday/Anniversary Calendar is exactly what I was looking for.  You don't know how hard it was to find a small, simple calendar without dates, to keep birthdays and anniversaries written down.  I searched high and low.  I am so thankful that I found this site!  Now I can transfer all my notes and scraps of paper into this nice, compact, calendar. Yay!

~ Laura G.


At 6 days old, Amelia was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Thanks to the help of her wonderful doctors at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, she is doing great!  It is very important however that Amelia stay healthy to keep her lungs in good shape.  We do lots of breathing treatment and chest physiotherapy to help fight away the bad germs.  The most important way that we keep infection away though, is through clean hands and hand washing.  We have a healthy little ones sign on our front door reminding all they must wash and sanitize their hands when they come into our house.  We also have the sign for her car seat and stroller letting stranger know it is not OK to touch her.  I truly believe this signs have helped in the fight to keep our little one healthy.  Thank you so much for these!

~ Kimberly


We just ordered a sign from Healthy Little Ones for Bentley's car seat!  And can not thank you enough for the great work!  It has really helped so much!  We don't have anymore strangers touching Bentley which is helping him stay healthy:)!  It's such a great idea and I really recommended them to any new moms!!

~ Myra


I am the Executive Director of Breath of Hope, a nonprofit organization that supports families and friends affected by the birth defect, congenital diaphragmatic hernia. I love these signs and our parents with survivors will too. These children, like preemies should not be exposed to germs. We also send families who bring their babies home the links you recommend - great for therapy from the NICU to home! I will definitely add your link to our website for a resource!

~ Elizabeth


Brin was born prematurely at 29 weeks weighing 1 lb 15 oz.  She was discharged from the hospital at 7 weeks weighing almost 4 lbs.  We were having problems with strangers coming up and trying to touch her or even the items in her car seat such as her Bundleme.  Since we have gotten the sign we have not had that problem once and I feel it actually educates people because it is a conversation starter and people come to realize they can't just touch a baby because they don't know if there are health issues and they could get that baby sick.

Thank you for your wonderful signs!

~ Terri


I wanted to thank you for this site.  My son is not a preemie, he is 19 months old, he has an immune disease and people want to touch him all the time.  I have been looking for a sign for his stroller for months and just ran across your website.  I ordered 2 of your signs one for each stroller and just safety pinned it to them and they work great.

~ Gina T.


Hi Penny!

  I ordered your "Look Flower" sign awhile ago and it is like some sort of magic shield!  Since the day we've put it on her carseat (and now on her stroller!) not one person (that we didn't know) has touched our daughter!

  I've gotten so many comments on it (and found that any negative ones are usually the people that want to touch her!), and referred a few other new moms to your site as well!

  Thanks so much for saving me the awkwardness of having to shoo away dirty hands every time we go out!

~ Jess


I've been so busy I hadn't gotten a chance to write yet, but we received the package and I LOVE everything!  It is so cute.  I've given my mom the information about the site to pass onto her preschool and afterschool parents.  She loves the things I got her for her preschool, and my son loves his activity boards.
Thanks again!
~ Heather M.


Hi Penny,

     As a parent of a preemie, I have to tell you how fabulous I think you guys are!  My little one is 6 months old now, but she was born at 27 weeks weighing 1 pound 2 ounces.  We were nervous wrecks when she came home, and whenever we had to take her out, we were even more nervous!  Why does everyone just have to touch the baby?  You feel so awkward and uncomfortable telling people not to!  I found an ad for your website in Preemie Magazine, and I sent a link to the site to all of my Preemie Parent friends, and I am posting it on my on line Preemie support group!  I just wanted to thank you for this great service!

~ Staci and Lena W.


Thank you for offering such wonderful, tactful and cute ways to let ppl know your intentions.  I think you're providing a wonderful service and I'm going to post your addy on my birth club on babycenter.com (February 2005 babies).


~ Jessica S.


The medicine chart comes in handy because I was constantly asking my 11-year old if he took his medicine at breakfast and dinner.  Now I have the medicine chart on the fridge and I just have to see if he checked it for that time of day.  He likes it too because I'm not "bugging" him all the time!

~ Wendy D.


I have a preemie.  What a great way to say "don't touch" without hurting anyone's feelings and making a situation awkward. Thanks.

~ Stacey G.











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