Healthy Little Ones Signs
Hang one of these signs from the handle of your infant car seat carrier and stop people BEFORE they touch your baby!
We have a variety of signs to fit your style!
Our signs are cute, friendly and simply attach to any infant car seat carrier handle with a special Velcro strap (included).
Our Healthy Little Ones "Look" series has several designs to choose from for boys and girls!
These signs are approximately 4" x 5.25"
We now offer "links" to make it easier to attach your Healthy Little Ones "On The Go!" signs to the shades of strollers and carriers!

Each link sold separately.

(Colors & styles may vary)

Item #0001  Price: $0.75

"Brin was born prematurely at 29 weeks weighing 1 lb 15 oz. She was discharged from the hospital at 7 weeks weighing almost 4 lbs. We were having problems with strangers coming up and trying to touch her or even the items in her car seat such as her Bundleme. Since we have gotten the sign we have not had that problem once and I feel it actually educates people because it is a conversation starter and people come to realize they can't just touch a baby because they don't know if there are health issues and they could get that baby sick. Thank you for your wonderful signs!"  ~ Terri

Item #0304  Price: $5.99

Item #0305  Price: $5.99

Item #0306  Price: $5.99

Item #0301  Price: $5.99

Item #0302  Price: $5.99

Item #0303  Price: $5.99
The Ever Popular Healthy Little Ones STOP Sign for when you want to get right to the point!
These signs are approximately 3.5" x 5.5"

Item #0401  Price: $5.99

Item #0402  Price: $5.99
Preemie Specific Healthy Little Ones Signs let people know you have an extra sensitive little one!
These signs are approximately 3.5" x 8.5"

Item #1601 Price: $5.99

Item #1602  Price: $5.99
Our Original Healthy Little Ones Signs are super cute and friendly!
These signs are approximately 3.5" x 8.5"
"I am the Executive Director of Breath of Hope, a nonprofit organization that supports families and friends affected by the birth defect, congenital diaphragmatic hernia. I love these signs and our parents with survivors will too. These children, like preemies should not be exposed to germs. We also send families who bring their babies home the links you recommend - great for therapy from the NICU to home! I will definitely add your link to our website for a resource!"

~ Elizabeth

Item #0101 Price: $5.99

Item #0102 Price: $5.99

Item #0201 Price: $5.99

Item #0202 Price: $5.99

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